Super Star Kickz

Fashion and Music that's me. I love wearing different styles that no one wears so i created my own line Super Star Kickz formally known as Stylish different designs that i bet you haven"t seen before. My style is out there might not be for everyone but if you like handmade shoes made by Italian Craftsman of 25 years + experience then i promise you will love this Brand. Shipped directly to your doorstep with step by step of the process.

Made in Italy
Super Star Kickz by Jason Super Star

The feature edition

An amazing limited edition and unique design


Santi Highs

Accessory high top
Made in Italy
This basketball-inspired sneaker is a perfect choice, whether court or street


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Authentic Italian manufacturing

Each design is meticulously constructed by a skilled network of selected Italian artisans, there are no finer hands in the field. The handcrafting and the materials, are state-of-the-art.


Permanent collection

The Collection is all about style, fun colors and something to talk about. You don't have to have a bunch of shoes all different colors. I wanted to create shoes that was stylish, unisex and you could wear with whatever color you would like. The best part all while your spreading positivity through fashion.

Custom crafted
Made in Italy

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About Super Star

My name is Jason most people know me by Super Star. I am a fashion designer who started a clothing line end of 2018 simply because there was so much negativity in the world. Growing up I have always had a passion for fashion. A heart that is always giving. I have always had a vision outside of the box and a mind that never stopped. The ability to create design and share with the world with the ability to spread positivity is a Dream Come True.